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Articolo: Meet The Aperol Spritz

Meet The Aperol Spritz

The Perfect Summer Sip

As the weather warms up and the sun shines brighter, it's time to reach for a refreshing cocktail that perfectly captures the essence of summer. Enter the Aperol Spritz, a popular Italian drink that has gained worldwide popularity for its vibrant color, delightful flavor, and effervescent fizz. In this blog, we'll dive into the history, ingredients, and tips for making the perfect Aperol Spritz, so you can enjoy this refreshing libation all season long.



A cocktail with history.

The Aperol Spritz has its origins in Italy, specifically in the northeastern region of Veneto. It was first created in the 1950s as a way to showcase Aperol, a bitter orange liqueur with a distinct bright orange hue. Aperol was initially used as a medicinal tonic, but its bitter and slightly sweet taste made it a natural choice for cocktails. In the 2000s, the Aperol Spritz gained renewed popularity, particularly during the summer months, and has since become an iconic Italian aperitivo (pre-dinner drink) that is enjoyed around the world.


Holy Aperoli.

So, why has the Aperol Spritz become so popular in recent years? One reason is that it's a relatively low-alcohol cocktail, which makes it perfect for daytime drinking or for those who want to enjoy a few drinks without getting too tipsy. Additionally, the bright orange color and refreshing taste make it a perfect Instagram-worthy cocktail. Lastly, it's perfect for large gatherings. It's easy to make a big batch of the cocktail ahead of time, so you can spend more time enjoying the party and less time playing bartender.


How to make an Aperol Spritz:


  • The star of the show, Aperol is a bitter liqueur made from herbs, roots, and bitter oranges. It has a unique flavor profile with notes of bitter orange, gentian, and rhubarb, and is known for its bright orange color.

  • A dry, sparkling wine from Italy, Prosecco adds a bubbly and refreshing element to the Aperol Spritz. Its crisp and fruity notes complement the bitterness of Aperol perfectly.

  • Soda water, or club soda, adds a touch of fizz and dilutes the drink, making it a lighter and more refreshing option for hot summer days.
  • A fresh orange slice is often used as a garnish for the Aperol Spritz, adding a burst of citrus aroma and a pop of color to the drink.



    1. Fill your large glass with plenty of ice
    2. Add 3 parts Prosecco (75ml), then 2 parts Aperol (50ml)
    3. Add a dash of soda (25ml) and stir briefly 
    4. Garnish with an orange slice and enjoy!



Tips and variations:

Adjust the sweetness: If you prefer a sweeter cocktail, you can add a splash of simple syrup or adjust the ratio of Aperol to Prosecco to suit your taste.

Experiment with garnishes: While a fresh orange slice is the classic garnish for an Aperol Spritz, you can also try other citrus fruits like lemon or grapefruit, or add a sprig of fresh mint for an extra burst of flavor.

Get creative with variations: The Aperol Spritz is a versatile cocktail that can be customized to your liking. You can swap Prosecco with other sparkling wines, such as Champagne or Cava, or even try different liqueurs for a twist on the classic recipe. For example, Campari can be used for a more bitter and intense version,

the Aperol Spritz is a simple yet delicious cocktail that is perfect for any occasion. Whether you're sipping on one at a rooftop bar or making a big batch for a summer party, the Aperol Spritz is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. So why not give it a try and see why it's become one of the most popular cocktails around the world?

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